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The Warmest Decade

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    Looks like the current decade (2000-2009) is going to set a record for warmth.
    Of course, it’s not over yet since there are 3 more weeks of wintery weather to go.
    However, some record keepers have already concluded that this is going to be
    the warmest decade since instrumented records have been kept (1850).

    I also checked the NCDC site. They have a different set of records that only go back to 1880. However the trend is still unmistakable and this decade will probably be the warmest after they get done checking.

    The next warmest decade was the 1990’s and before that the 1980’s.
    In fact, since the mid 70’s, the 10 rolling year warming trend has been interrupted
    for no more than a single year at a time: Mount Pinatubo in 1993 and La Nina in 2008.

    That is every year the previous 10 years has been progressively warmer except
    for the 2 cited exceptions. 2008 was somewhat coincidental since it was exactly
    10 years after the exceptional warm year of 1998.

    So, it’s been a slow but pretty much steady warming for over 30 years now, but I’m not complaining.

    http://www.wmo.int/pages/mediacentre/press_releases/pr_869_en.html [Broken]

    NCDC Global temperature anomaly record:

    http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/anomalies/index.html [Broken]
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I recently watched a documentary that examined the effect of global warming on the innuit societies near the arctic circle. One older gentleman was asked what he thought about global warming. "I like it" he responded. "Why?" asked the interviewer. "It's warmer!".
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    We can verify directly that this is warmest decade since 1850. I'm wondering if given what we know about the past climate and short term fluctuations in it, this could also be the warmest decade since the previous interglacial 130,000 years ago.
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    Not likely; temperatures 130,000 years ago were probably warmer as were temperatures around 10,000 years ago. This decade was globally only about 0.5C warmer than is considered "normal". Not sure exactly how much warmer the Arctic is or how soon in the future we can except to eclipse paleological records; but it's pretty much in the cards that we will.


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