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The Warp Drive Problem

  1. Mar 4, 2015 #1
    Time and Time again I see the same term being thrown around amongst people and countless Articles claiming that Warp Drive might be possible.

    And that is through The Casimir effect.

    Correct me if I am wrong but the Casimir effect does not demonstrate negative exotic matter. From my understanding the Casimir effect can only be interpreted as Negative energy. And it only proves that there is still a small amount of positive energy in "zeropointenergy" vacuum

    If the Casimir Effect does not at all demonstrate the existence of Negative energy/matter than shouldn't it mean in principle alcubiers approximation of the energy required through the casmir effect is wrong?
    Further more how exactly do you even attempt to calculate the energy required for a warp drive when there is absolutely no known method or creating or obtaining negative mass/energy.

    Nasa and Harold are throwing around numbers such as The mass of Jupiter or the entire energy USA consumes in a year yet where are these numbers coming from?
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    Within quantum theory, this is an arbitrary choice. Within general relativity, it is not, but the unification of those two is still an open problem.

    You calculate the amount of negative energy you would need if you would have a source of it (and a way to get arbitrary distributions of it).
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