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The wave-particle dualism applies to the photon (right?) but does it apply to

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    the electron, neutrine and positrone as well?
    Hope I'm asking this at the right place, and that my spelling was ok!
    Thanks for any replies!!

    Linda, Sweden
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    Yes, it does.
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    It applies to anything that's currently described using quantum field theory - among which, everything in the Standard Model.
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    Great, thanks for the speedy reply guys!!
    Linda, Sweden :smile:
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    yes, particledualism appliestoevery single thing present in the universe, to electrons thats why electron microscopes are possible, neutrinos, and even to you while running.
    the general expression for the wavelenght of particle representingits wave charecter is
    wavelenght= h/mv
    where h is plank's constant, m is the mass of the object,v is its velocity
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    de broglie won a nobel prize for this...
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