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News The weakness of capitalism

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    The weakness of capitalism

    I think the capitalism has its weakness to strengthen and firm a country's rule.

    Such as,

    1. Multi-parties election, this only makes the rival party can debut to hold the power, this also lets the rival party has the chance to betray country and overthrow the current country. For example, the Ukraine election.
    This is the danger of the coming USA election. If Democratic party holds over-half parliament, then the Democratic party will threat republican rule and Bush's rule. In my opinion, I think Democratic party has high possibility to win the coming election. I think the election scale should have to be changed. Such as, the USA gov can reduce the legislator number in the election, or remain some legislator number for self. Now it can be remedied in time. Otherwise, the Democratic party will rebel.

    2. The freelance market policy makes the poverty is more poor, the rich is more rich, their distance enlarges. And the capitalists can press the workers' rights, this makes the classes' discontent more radical. When the country is very poor, the country may be changed into communism government. When people discontents few freedom, the country may be changed into democratic government. Therefore, we should need a balance society and policy, therefore the country can be stopped into the inter-exchange between communism and capitalism. The Soviet is a good example.

    And others I will not debate.

    For solving these disadvantages of Communism and Capitalism, I have my good proposal to get a balance society. My paper is at here:
    http://hk.geocities.com/cpu128hk/2006021501.htm [Broken] (Tra.Chinese)
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    Indeed, if a non-ruling party wins a popular election, that would be treason. :rolleyes:
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    I suspect there are not many Chinese speakers here at this forum. Though if it's in similar vein to your OP perhaps you do not understand the democratic process. :smile:
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    I know that now many American students study Chinese. It is because the Chinese is the popular language in the world. The China influence is bigger and bigger. Chinese culture and thinking is great and long-history. And Chinese handwriting's special style can boost our right brain's ability. Therefore, many world people go to learn how to write, read, speech and listen to Chinese.

    Therefore, I think there should be some Americans can read my paper.
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    1. Capitalism has little to do with democracy. Do not confuse politics with economics.

    2. A market that lets the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and the gap between them get wider, has as much to do with the economic policy of a government as market forces (unless you talk about a truly free market). The Soviet Union was not a balance between capitalism and communism. Finally, saying that a balance is needed does not logically follow from your two examples (poor leads to communism and lack of freedom leads to capitalism). There are poor countries that are not communist and won't (probably) ever go in that direction, and there are authoritarian governments that did not end with democratic regimes (though they may eventually).
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    Your judge is right, but it is not the general condition.

    Soviet fallen proved the communism is not ideal, communism ruins the economic development, and discontent the people. These made the depression of communism. Meanwhile, capitalism is also not perfect. A capitalism government is not necessary to be constant. The period may be very short. The multi-party election and the economic idea are the lacks. Liking at that moment, in before WWII's Germany, German economic is very poor. But meanwhile Germany practised democracy. These led Communist party seized over half of the legislator number. And this brought Hitler's plot to force Communist party to leave the power. And Greek communist threat also proved this point.
    Therefore, Communist and capitalism are two totally different idea, they are extreme opposite idea, therefore their lacks appear obviously. For solving these two political systems' lacks, my ideal political system Evolutionism is the good solution. Welcome to the upper link to view my paper.
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    This reminds me of what John Kenneth Galbraith, who passed away recently, said.

    Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.
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    Now the Communist governments have become more opened. Especially in the economic policy. Without any doubts, Capitalism open-trade idea is proved worked. Otherwise, they can't contend with other countries.
    And your viewpoint is not right. You don't realize current Communist governments' open degree. I suggest you travel to North Korea or Cuba. They are not so bad as USA gov said.
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    The worst thing about China embracing capitilism, and India for that matter, is the effect it will have on the environment.

    We don't need more energy guzzlers.

    However, in the West we've had the luxury of consuming vast amounts of everything, who would we be to tell what could be the super-powers of the next century what they can and can't do...

    Sorry, drifted off a bit there :smile:

    I agree with the poster above about capitalism and democracy not being the same thing.
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    Technically in China, that is the case.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but most Americans can't even speak their own language correctly. Less than 1 in 5 actually think learning any foreign language is important at all, and those that do are much more likely to learn Spanish than Chinese.

    I suprised you can still access this site given the number of times the word 'democracy' has appeared in this thread alone.
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    I'm sorry if I misled you, but that's not my viewpoint. That was what Galbraith said.

    Secondly, how do you say that North Korea is "open"? What about their human rights record and lack of freedom of speech?
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    I heard some of my friends, they said N.Korea is not as poor as news reported. The most N.Korean life conditions are well. Also, their life freedom is not as bad as USA gov said. The saw N.Korean were very happy.
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    :biggrin: It's a sign of full-blown diversity in English language system
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    I'm curious yuwingsin, are those friends living in North Korea?

    Also, I think you might be interested in reading the Amnesty International report on North Korea. Here's the link
    http://web.amnesty.org/report2005/prk-summary-eng" [Broken]
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    Haha, you really don't realize American government...

    This report is dominated by American government...

    She only wanted to create advantaged condition for her...

    I can't not to admit parts of the report is truth, but this is only the part condition...
    The general condition is not as bad as that...

    My friend travelled to N.Korea's village to view local condition...
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    You might be interested to know that the American government has very little to do with Amnesty International.
    From wikipedia,

    (link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amnesty_International" [Broken])
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    And your sources for such an outrageous claim?
  19. May 4, 2006 #18


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    Considering the fact that the top story on their news page attacks the US government, that's a tough opinion to hold....
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    Please note the following requirements for posts in P&WA (especially opening posts):
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