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The Weather Man (Movie), anyone else know about it/think it looks good?

  1. Oct 13, 2005 #1
    I saw 2 commercials for this movie called The Weather Man with Nicolas Cage, and from those I was firmly resolved to see it.

    They don't seem to advertise it much, even though it's coming out in 2 weeks, but it's this relatively unusual seeming movie staring Nicolas Cage, which is even weirder, in that Nicolas Cage is hardly the kind of actor you'd expect in an unusual movie.

    From the few clips I've seen on the website, Cage's character seems a bit like Ed Norton's character from Fight Club, except he's a weatherman and doesn't seem to start a fight club.

    The first commercial was really what grabbed me. He was talking about how every few months, people throw things at him, like a chicken breast or a falafel, but that recently, people have stopped throwing things at him, and that perhaps it was due to him carrying around a bow (as in bow and arrow).

    I dunno what the deal is with this movie, check it out, it looks really interesting to me.

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