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The Wheeler-DeWitt equation

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    Just wondering about the above; I no very little about it, I've come across a few things which seem to suggest that it is an attempt to unify QM and Einsteinian relativity. Some sources I've come across have stated that, to paraphrase, time disappears from the equation. I'm primarily interested in this idea of the possible "timelessness" of the equation and it's possible implications.

    Obviously this hasn't been deemed to be "the answer" to the issue of unifying QM and relativity; what are the issues with it in that regard - is part of it that it hasn't lead to any testable predictions?

    Does anyone know of any online resources that would be useful for someone with next-to-no mathematical capabilities, something more theoretical? I'll do my own search as well, but if anyone has any pointers. Also, if anyone is willing, and/or able, to answer a few basic questions on it, that would also be übersweet - cheers.
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