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The whole racing with light thingy.

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    Einstein imagined what would it be like if one would race with light. For the racer, it seems that the light sped away from him at c. But at an intertial frame of reference, the guy seemed to be catching up with the light beam. But, is it possible for the stationary observer to see the racer surpassing the light beam?

    Also, would there be any pronouced relativistic effects if one could travel say, a 100 m/s in a BEC, where light travels at around 10 m/s. Or are relativistic effects only felt at velocities close to c, regardless of the medium?
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    Well, there is NO way to reach c, or exeed it. A stationary observer would see you traveling at c, and the light traveling at c. But one should not use c as a speed in hypothetical calculations, it just doesn't sound right. There is NO way, from any from of reference to reach c, much less exeed it. But, dont conform your mind to these statements, "Imagination is greater that knowledge".

    There are 3 types of knowledge in the world, knowledge, understanding, imnagination.
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    Relativistic calculations are based on c, regardless of the apparent speed of light in the local medium.
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