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The world is a rotting fruit

  1. Jun 1, 2004 #1
    Greetings you swine. Did you know that 10% of the world is smoking dope, at this very second! Listen to them holler your name as they pass the spliff. There aren't many ceremonies left, imagine what it was like back then with the fire to sit by and the whores to sleep with. Who says the day has passed! Now we have all these sexually transmitted diseases, what ever happened to the hand! Of course it hasn't died out, but I wonder what methods the ancient folk had in terms of mastubatory disguise. Were they too busy planning to take over the village or did they use some kind of stone tool to fix themselves a new shot. That must of been it, and we thought it was all pottery work. MAH! Fools, now we know the secrets, sexuality is the answer! And I thought the world revolved around money and sluts, but now I kow it's all about the hand! If you have hand you have everything. Think about god. The right hand. Who was sitting there? NO ONE! He was too busy stroking his gracious rod of destruction! Maybe the world is just one of god's massive nads, and the sun is the load he's been blowing off for all these years. Once that baby burns out, his ball is history! YEs! I think I've got it. And what about politics? Nothing but a bunch of *******s with nothing but a prick up their sensitive anus. Ani? I think I'll **** each one of them personally, they deserve something sharp and pointy up each one of their asses. And then we have those goddamned wrestlers, who think they own the world with their buf bodies and babbling about how "I can kick your ass". **** that! **** all of that ****! Those ****ing bastards think they can destroy the world with their bigosity. I'll show them the real power and it sits right here in the palm of my hand. Jerk it and thou shall be saved. They're just trying to lay off this eternal bigness to all us guys and give us something to hope for. **** you you ****ing pricks of mass destruction, here's our media and here's the world as we know it. Nothing more but a bunch of ****ing pansies eating away at our precious egoes. Eat my ass you ****ing whiners. Maybe one day these guys will wake up and die. Meh. Maybe that's a bit extreme.


    Scenerio time.

    Imagine you live in a barn, and inside the barn are two shelves.

    One shelf has wrestlers stroking their punny peni.

    The other has a large plant, with two leaves. One leaf has a gold center while the other has a "do not remove" sticker.

    You remove the sticker and the wrestlers' peni grow.

    You feel yourself getting hard as you realise that you indded are a homosexual.

    Is this what we want to teach our children? No.

    Does this make any sense? No.

    But that's the point.

    Give it a little this, and maybe some of that, and I'll be a millionare. Watch my goddamn TV show and you love me. As long as I'm a part of your daily life, as long as you and all your friends see me on the bloody television, I control you. And as long as I control you, you are not an individual. You are a slave and you love it. You are a ****ing waste of existence, a goddamn parasite, and you're loving it. The best thing about it is that you don't know any of this. Because you're lead to believe that you're distinct. And who needs to be themself when I have two million other people to look up to. Yet we all leave the room dressing up the way they tell us to, drinking the soft drinks we're supposed to, eating at the restaurants and god knows that "i'm lovin' it".

    Are we living in a dream or is this reality?

    When will the tryanny end?

    Redundant? Yes. We all know this of course. But when is someone going to do something about it?

    BTW, I'm drunk and I appologize.
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  3. Jun 2, 2004 #2
    Drunk and disorderly
    Always in custody
    Me friends and me family
    All them fed up with me ‘cause I
    Drunk and disorderly
    Every weekend I in the jail
    Drunk and disorderly
    Nobody to stand me bail

    -Mighty Sparrow
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  4. Jun 2, 2004 #3
    that was good, i do believe we are pawns of society, and i dont care
  5. Jun 4, 2004 #4

    jimmy p

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    How come the ravings of a drunk always seem to make the most sense? :rofl: :confused:
  6. Jun 4, 2004 #5
    i dont know Jimmy i dont know, but they always do, and they always make me think
  7. Jun 4, 2004 #6


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    Think? Did you mean vomit? :yuck:
  8. Jun 4, 2004 #7
    one or the other, sometimes both haha
  9. Jun 4, 2004 #8

    jimmy p

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    Well it makes sense in a way. I'm not feeling nauseous yet, but I'll wait for the information to kick in :tongue2:
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