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The world's greatest thrill ride

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    Ivan Seeking

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    IMO a leading contender

    When the wave breaks, a blast of air and water known as blow-out hits the surfer at something over 120 MPH, I would guess. How he manages to stay up... Wow! :surprised

    Two things in life that I would really like to do but never will: One is to fly a near state-of-the-art fighter jet, the other is to do what that guy just did.
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    Thats the kind of thing you can watch and you can feel the salt water start stinging your nose. The little surfing I have done was enough to let me know ..water is very painful.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I don't know about you guys but the pucker factor of that video is about 16 million scoville units if you ask me. That wave just keep getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger... :surprised

    Since they started used using water craft to tow the surfers it is much easier and safer to catch the monster waves. Of course its still just as dangerous if you catch one. If these 50+ footers [as measured from the back] don't break your neck, or smash you into a coral reef and turn you into hamburger, it will pull you down for up to minutes at a time. In fact, when we were at North Shore in Hawaii - the home of moster waves - I was told that one can be pulled down for up to five minutes. So now what the biggest and baddest boys do is to take a small compressed air tank with five or ten minutes worth of air. Also, since larger waves break farther out than do smaller ones, many people have helicopter drops done in order to avoid a mile or two of paddling; and worse, having to get past the breaks!
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    Wow. :bugeye:
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