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Aerospace The world's largest aircraft

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    Ivan Seeking

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    That's longer than many towns!
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    I believe the feasibility of making such enormous aircraft lies primarily in the economy. With today's progress it shouldn't be structurally impossible to double the AN-225's size in a matter of, say, 5 years, but the question is what you would gain from such an aircraft. Would it make up for the costs of development, production, increasing runway lenghts and such. I think that's why we don't see AN-225's everywhere, and also why the A380 wasn't ready 10 years ago.
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    For this reason alone, I think amphibious planes need to make a comeback - or maybe even ground-effect planes. And a ground-effect plane could transport 10x the weight at 3/4 the speed and twice(or more) the $ per pound mile efficiency of a normal plane.
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    It's just a copy of the "Spruce Goose" with smaller wings :biggrin:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The Russian Ekranoplan

    Since I happen to have a good link handy...
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    I've seen video of that plane. What a beast. Flying a few feet above the water makes that thing look scary to say the least. I can't remember the reasons why they were shelved.
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    Although I am no historian I'd say that it's the same with all other great USSR-developed technologies: the technocrats gets big funding for their revolutioning projects, but there is no resources to put it into action, so it just sits rotting somewhere.

    Actually it's strange there hasn't been interest in the Orlyonok, since the Volga shipyard offers to build them. I can imagine they would be great on the great lakes (Superior, Eirie, Michigan, etc.).
    Just wonder if some Americans still got the Trumann bug in their heads, refusing to go near "commy tech". :yuck:

    Volga Shipyard Orlyonok
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