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The world's most relaxing sport

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    http://smart.tii.se/smart/projects/brainball/index_en.html [Broken]
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    But this is the one I like more. Its really awesome. After reading about WILDing I got these great relaxation techniques.
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    that has got to be the coolest thing ever
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    The price will get you stressed though. The thing's about 20.000 bucks.
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    http://smart.tii.se/smart/projects/brainball/img/sara160x120.jpg [Broken]
    The winner!
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    The most relaxing sport is:

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    What an intresting concept! But imagine having to ban sedatives from professional competition. :smile:
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    Professional competition? You think anyone will be willing to pay to watch people compete at calming their brainwaves? Oddly enough, this sport seems to reward the competitor who least cares about winning. How ironic.
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    They look like they are sleeping.

    I consider running to be pretty relaxing, or at least when one is done running, when all the chemicals kick in :smile:.
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    i guess if you start to lose, you'll pretty much guarantee that you'll keep losing. i think it would become more & more difficult to relax if i kept losing
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    What would be more interesting is the reverse situation, the person with the most brainwaves (and most concentration) over a longer period of time will win. That way, one can see how long one can pay attention to things.

    It might come in useful in long lectures.
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    I was thinking about that too :smile:
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    The most relaxing sport is:

    !:biggrin:...[size=+2]Rocket launcher duels[/size]..:biggrin:!
  15. Aug 27, 2005 #14
    God ... When I was in university we had a great sport used to relax.

    It required a case of beer and two glasses.

    It was called caps.

    Toss a beer cap into the other glass and you opponent had to chug the beer.

    Many's the night I had a relaxed evening (and woke up driving the porcelain bus).

    And it certainly didn't cost 20K to play.
  16. Aug 28, 2005 #15
    Well, i am thinking the person who bought this will really get into relax...... 18,425.22 USD ....... Oh huh, I might as well play chess :P
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