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The World's Most Retarded Political Quiz

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    I agree...somewhat.
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    It seems like the test doesn't take enough considering into the logical analysis of emotion. It rather logically creates results, without considering the embracing of surroundings and certain traits associated with human nature.

    MEMETIC SHOCK LEVEL 03 (0-4): borderline Enlightened. Purgatory; the countercultural realm. The more interesting Atheists, Libertarians, Transhumanists, and Modern Satanists dwell here, together with other freethinking and politically incorrect types. Congratulations, you're just a couple candles short of Enlightenment! Keep honing those clearly present rational, taboo-smashing instincts, and one day you too might become an Enlightened Transtopian Master.
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    In case anyone thought I was some kind of libertarian...

    I could imagine the guys who made that "quiz" being rather authoritarian, which is funny.
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    Got the same thing. Whoever wrote the test made me feel sane by comparison. Not a good sign for them.
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    Got the same score. This test is idiotic and has nothing to do with Libertarianism.
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    MEMETIC SHOCK LEVEL 01 (0-4): average. More than a few candles short of Enlightenment. The sheepish, conformist, intellectually lazy masses reign supreme here. Hell's overcrowded livingroom.

    Apparently im an intellectually lazy bum. woo.

    Honestly I disagreed with most of the things on there. Especially the human genetic modifications. That'll just make people even more shallow and materialistic.

    Doesnt help that the entire tone of the quiz seemed to be rather arrogant and close-minded.
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    I got a 3 also. But, yipes, there were some weird questions on there! I would be seriously worried about the sanity of someone who got a 4 and agreed to EVERYTHING on that quiz. I was starting to doubt my own sanity to get a 3!
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    Math Is Hard

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    Was I looking at the right test? I had to stop right here when it said

    "XVIII. The best way to survive and benefit from the Singularity is by personally becoming (part of) the (group of) Superintelligence(s) that will trigger it...."

    because I had NO IDEA what that meant!
  11. Aug 11, 2004 #10
    Im not much into Star Trek, but that seems like the classic Borg concept to me. Universal domination strategy perhaps?

    I chose no on that question... what event am I trying to survive? And why do I need to join a cult (?) to do so?
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