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The world's most underrated historical figure

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    Who do you believe to be the most unappreciated person in recorded history, or history overall?
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    I would personally say Ludwig Boltzmann.

    Others: John Field (Irish composer)

    Or do you mean this kind of stuff..? :confused:
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    david hilbert
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    Imo, in the recorded history of science it's probably Hilbert or maybe Gauss.

    In overall history it's the guy that planted Newton's apple tree. :tongue2:
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    George M. Schroder
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    How about Hamilton? The latter part of his life was spent as a alcoholic... too bad for a man of his capabilities.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Either the person who invented toilet paper, Sonny Bono, or the first person to conceive of addition as a procedure that uses a symbol; not just as strikes in the dirt or scratches on the wall.
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    True! :biggrin:

    At the time Darwin was developing his ideas about evolution another biologist called, Alfred Wallace was having the same thoughts and was developing the same theories. I'm not saying Wallace is the world's most unappreciated figure, but Darwin apparently got all the credit.
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    how about:
    -- the caveman who drew the first rectangle, starting the symbolic revolution
    -- thales & pythagoras, who made the first mathematical proofs; the way math is done hasn't changed since their time
    -- julius caesar, the ralph nader of his day
    -- kepler, one of the giants whose shoulders newton stood on
    -- euclid, whose elements has been published more than any other book in history except the bible
    -- zheng he, chinese explorer
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    Hammurabi (argh!!! I have to add some stuff becuase my message was too short). Gotta love the man who brought us this crazy thing called the law. Well, to be slightly more correct he enumerated his judgements (first written law code) and sent out scribes to read his codes to the people; moreover, he erected pillars with his judgements inscribed...
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    Forrest Gump
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    Guttenberg. Not that he is unmentioned; he does get credit, but not nearly enough. I don't know that any one man has ever affected the course of history quite as much as he.
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    George C. Marshall.
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    Michael Nesmith
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    Me. I've yet to find a single history book that mentions my full name. (addenda to allow me to post, carry on)
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    That's Gutenberg, with one T, unless you mean Steve Guttenberg, the actor. :tongue2: Not to be anal, but I did a quick wiki search to verify you were talking about who I thought you were talking about, and ran into some momentary confusion.
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    Leonardo DaVinci, the quintessential renaissance man. Not that he was obscure, but his influence was deep and broad - both in science and art. He sends my WOW meter off the chart.
  19. Mar 25, 2005 #18
    Zeno. Hehehe...
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    I'm going to be pedantic (as usual) and say that the most underrated person will most likely be overlooked and not get a mention here.
  21. Mar 25, 2005 #20
    Loren Booda
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