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The worst names ever heard

  1. Jun 17, 2006 #1
    More people seem to be making up names for their kids these days. The worst ones I have personally come upon are:
    Sh*thead (*=i, PRONOUNCED "Shuh-theed"), Metal Alloy, and Meconium(the parents saw it on their discharge papers and thought it sounded pretty.....I guess they didn't have internet access to look up the meaning). I just feel sorry for those poor kids.

    Anybody have more names to add to the list?
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    Math Is Hard

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    ha ha ha! :rofl: My mom worked at a hospital for years and saw some pretty crazy baby names come through. One woman named her baby Female (pronounced feh-MAH-lee) because it was on the baby's hospital wristband. Another couple named their child Urine (pronounced yuREEN).:yuck:
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    And I thought that Frank Zappa had exotic taste. :rolleyes:
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    Chi Meson

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    My friend from Florida knew of a woman who looked in her cupboard and decided to name her son Lemonjello ("le-MON-je-lo").

    And a long ago friend of mine gave his son a random middle name. Specifically, Random.
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    Evil Canevial( definite sp e) is pretty bad too.
  7. Jun 17, 2006 #6


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    For fictional charcters: Anus Magillicutty

    I can't think of real people...
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    Only trouble with those two is that Lemongiello is an actual Italian surnname and Random is an old Southern name.
  9. Jun 17, 2006 #8
    Was it a boy or a girl? :biggrin:

    Personally I wonder how names like 'Proton' or 'Neutron' would work in a wild :-)
  10. Jun 17, 2006 #9
    There used to be a gynecologist in town named Dr. Clapp.
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  12. Jun 17, 2006 #11
    Somehow, I think the parents of Meconium and Sh*thead would never think of Proton or Neutron on their own. Metal Alloy's dad was an engineer so that would be a possibility.....
  13. Jun 17, 2006 #12


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    Yesterday, Ivan pondered if some people just aren't meant to be parents.

    I think this proves his point.
  14. Jun 17, 2006 #13
    Amen to that!!
  15. Jun 18, 2006 #14
    I knew a girl who named her baby some impossibly long name she invented by stringing together pieces of other names. It took her about a minute to recite the whole thing for me. I was horrified.
  16. Jun 18, 2006 #15


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    The great American tradition of giving their children impossible names is obviously still very much alive.

    But, what could you expect of the descendants of guys named Increase who then went on to call their sons Cotton???
  17. Jun 18, 2006 #16

    Chi Meson

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    no WAY!:eek:
  18. Jun 18, 2006 #17


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    I knew a Chinese girl who had chosen a Westernised name when she moved over here for uni; Goldilocks.
  19. Jun 22, 2006 #18
    My mom works as a secretary at the Music department of a university, and she handles the concerns of a lot of foreign students that come. Whenever she comes home she usually tells me a funny name she saw that day, and believe me, some of them would be horrible to have.

    A guy with an American dad and Asian mom = Chu Johnson

    Another Asian guy = Sum Ting Wong (something wrong)

    My friends mom is a nurse and he told me that his mom once helped a mom deliver a baby that she named "Urethra" because she thought it sounded cool. She must not have known what it meant haha
  20. Jun 22, 2006 #19

    Ivan Seeking

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    I once worked with Harry Dong.
  21. Jun 22, 2006 #20
    well, this may not be as lame...
    but some parents name their children after herbs & spices;
    Dill1, Herb, Ginger, Paprika, Oregano, Parsley,
    Coriander2, Boldo, Jalap, Nutmeg, Stevia3, Tamarind, and Tansy4

    Particularly infamous are names like Cumin (:devil:) and Malabathrum (?:bugeye:)

    1-a.k.a, "Dillard"/"Dillian"..etc
    2-a.k.a, "Cory"
    3-girl's version of "Steven"
    4-as opposed to "Pansy"
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