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The Young Ones - Salute

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    Hi I am a long time reader first time poster. I love this site, the only internet access I have is 1/2 hour a day during lunch at work and this is the first site I hit everyday.
    I am hardly a scientist type but still enjoy the posts, some extremely interesting discussions. And I have to give a big hats off to IvanSeeking. Man, I love the links you come up with and it saves me so much time surfing for that stuff. I just look for new posts from you to get my daily ration of the cool things.

    Anyways, this post is really for those in the UK or anyone else who knows. A friend gave me "The Young Ones - Every Stoopid Episode" on DVD. I never got a chance to see the show but once or twice when it was on America TV, but checked out the DVD's and it is pretty entertaining. My question is, in the show every once in a while one of the characters gives a hand gesture where they hold their hand out with two fingers extended up like they are flipping someone the bird. Is this an English version of the old one-fingered salute? Does it mean "Up your Bum" or something? Or is it because British censors won't allow the finger to be actually flipped on TV? I know this is hardly an intellectual question--just curiousity. Any replies are greatly appreciated.
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    Let's just say that here in the US we have twice the efficiency, fingerwise.

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    jimmy p

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    two fingered salute

    Ok i cant believe im going into the history of the two fingered salute. Back in ye olde medieval times, it was compulsory for every man to be trained in archery. Since the british were great archers and the only ones to really master the Longbow it gave them a better range advantage over our greatest enemy...the French. Anyway, to stop our boys firing the bows, when the french captured our troops, they cut off the first two fingers (the ones that pulled back the string).

    The two finger salute was to the french to insult them by showin that the english could still fire the longbow... anyway, nowadays it means...well to put it nicely..'go forth and multiply'...
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    Nice one jimmy p, i couldnt have put it any better.
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    Re: two fingered salute

    Shouldn't it be 'go forth and multiply with yourself'?
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    Thanks, Jimmy P

    I do recall how the french would cut off fingers for that reason, but never related it to an '80's sitcom. Somethings die hard, I quess.

    All replies were greatly appreciated.
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    jimmy p

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    Yeah i suppose your right, ok Lo and behold, 'go forth and multiply with yourself' is the official meaning...HO!!!!
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