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The zero Q machine

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    I have found that the bread and butter argument is flawed (a slice of bread and butter all ways falls butter side down), my experiments prove that the butter side is all ways more attracted by gravity, in order to improve this quality i found that spreading the opposite face with bbq sauce increases the attraction.
    From this i discovered that it was allmost impossible to make two slices of bread thus treated to touch butter face to butter face, i came to the conclusion that if i could engineer a way to smooth out the course surfaces of the bread i could increase the repulsion effect, this was accomplished by using a secret neutral medium.
    Now with the two (treated) (materials) i could place them at a distance of one sixtillionth of an inch from one another, (a critical distance) explained in a latter leter, This Device can now produce( O) quarks ,the quarks are held in a transient state from matter to anti matter.
    Now as you all know when our U was created a negative or anti matter U was all so created, my (0) Quark device can access the devide between the two Us, and as this (devide) is timeless, instantanious travel between two points in normal ST can be accomplished,
    All i need to make this invention practical is funds so be one of the first to
    invest, the future is yours.
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    Oooh, I want to invest .
    Will that be in matter or antimatter ?
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    I still think the suggestion to tie the bread, butter side up to the back of a cat was great.
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    Consider also the situation of a Cat of mass (m) to which a slice of liberally buttered bread ( Bread to butter ratio of 5:1 say, mass of bread (b) ) has been affixed, such that the average butter surface normal is directed Pi to the natural orientation of the cat.

    Now take such a system to a height (h) above the earth surface and release it, allowing them to fall freely under the influence of gravity (g).

    Could such a system also be used to generate large amounts of energy?

    Would the outcome be a cat-a-strophic collapse of space-time? :surprised

    [edit] bah beaten to it!
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    Well, your version was much more scientific. :biggrin:

    Perhaps we should expand the study to encompass the attraction by certain materials to the compound applied to the bread. For instance, a white silk blouse has a much greater attraction to raspberry jam than a black t-shirt.
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    Ah! I like your thinking. Do you suggest that perhaps there is an underlying force common to these anomalies?

    Maybe Maj E.A.Murphy would have had some insight into this topic.
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    What if you tied the buttered bread to the back of Schrodinger's cat?
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    I forget who made that suggestion here, but I used in it in my public speaking class last quarter. Great material. Thanks anonymous jokester.
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