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THEE SINGULARITY & A closed universe? how !cant! ALL BE ENTANGLED?

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    If the universe came from one point, "thee singularity" where all our units came from that one primary UNIT (thee singularity)... then how can anything not be entangled with everything?.. not to mention that during the early expansion and pre expansion and post expansion phases of the big bang, in which EVERY unit OF EVERYTHING has had PLENTY of time to become entangled with EVERYTHING ELSE, shouldn't everything have THOROUGHLY entangled with EVERYTHING else in the universe especially after 14 BILLION years of 'cascade' entangling... so hypothesizing that it really is entangled, and we just dont fully understand information and therefore energy in this universe.. maybe our observation of "non entanglement" is just the particle not being -STRONGLY- entangled with one -particular- particle in the lab, and its supposed "non entanglement" is just it returning to its true fully entangled state with everything else... there is much experimental data supporting this, form spontaneous entanglement, to entanglement resurrection after its 'ending'.. yes i know, that could just be a loop in the lab.. but if the universe is one unit, one closed system, then how can it have ever become not entangled? where could this supposed dis-entangling information have even come from?
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