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Theft of painkillers

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    Theft of painkillers....

    Okay so here is the story. While I was sitting in my quantum mechanics class yesterday I got a text message from someone whom identified themselves as a friend on my roommates. He noticed that I had some prescription painkillers that I was taking after my wisdom teeth surgery this last friday. He offered me $10 a pill if I would sell 2 of them to him. I did not reply because I assumed that he was only kidding.

    Well I was wrong. When I got back to my dorm room There were 2 pills missing, 20 dollars on my desk, and a note from my roommates friend offering my money for the rest of the pills as well as $100 if I would get the medication refilled for him. Evidently my roommate had left for class leaving this guy in our room alone. The guy decided he could do whatever he wanted I guess.

    The guy (roommates friend) tried calling me and explaining why he took the pills. He said he had back problems. When I asked him why he needed the entire bottle and why he offered money to me he had no excuse. So I decided to file a police report. This way if the idiot decided to drink and drive with the pills in his system I would be covered.

    I didnt press criminal charges but I am letting the university handle it. Evidently he violated my student rights and will have to answer for that. I figure community service will be good for him.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think you did the right thing. If he really does have some pain, he should see a doc and get a prescription himself. If he's just addicted for some reason, this will help him to deal with it.
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    I agree, you did the right thing. Were you able to show them a copy of the text message? It helps provide evidence of who did it. Abuse of prescription drugs is a big problem, and that's exactly the way people get them, by buying leftovers off of people. I suspect part of the problem is that they are simply over-prescribed. It seems everyone winds up with leftovers of painkillers like that, which makes them readily available. And, yes, if the kid got caught, and there's a trail pointing toward you, you want to have a police report filed that you did not agree to that sale...you don't want to be prosecuted for dealing the drugs!

    If this is your roommate's friend, and your roommate is the one who gave him access to your room, then I suggest you also request the university reassign you to a different roommate since clearly that one did not respect your property, and was complicit in the crime.

    I can guarantee you that he has no legitimate pain (if he did, it would be cheaper to go to student health services and get his own prescription).

    My other suggestion, since you know this temptation does exist, is if you do not need any more of those painkillers (sounds like everything went pretty smoothly for you), call the pharmacy and ask how best to dispose of them. Some pharmacies will take them back to dispose of themselves, others will instruct you whether it's safe to flush them down the toilet (there are concerns about prescription drugs finding their way into the water supply this way, so I'd ask about that first), and get rid of them. You don't want someone else tempted to just break into your room and steal them if word gets around that you have them.

    Of course, if you filed a police report, you shouldn't have to file criminal charges...if there's sufficient evidence without your testimony, the prosecutor can decide to file criminal charges anyway. Did they get fingerprints off the pill bottle?
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    Yes the police took finger prints, the note, and the money that was left on my desk. The have copies of all the text messages as well. My main concern was making sure I was safe from prosecution.

    I dont think this was intentional on my roommates part but I think it would be for the best to request a new roommate. I don't like the idea of people coming into my room and being able to take whatever they want.

    I really should have disposed of the medication sooner. I did not think about and left them sitting next to my bed.

    However this guy obviously has a problem. Who is their right mind would take pills like this without being prescribed them?
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    You'd be amazed to see the tricks a codeine addict will attempt to get hold of the stuff. It's quite sad really, but that's how powerfully addictive such drugs are.
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    If it was your roommates' friend, and your roommate let him into the room and allowed him to rummage through your stuff, that's a pretty lousy roommate. Besides, when you're calling the cops on your roommate's friends, it doesn't really make for a comfortable living situation.

    It's definitely not your fault. There's no reason you should have had to worry about leaving your medication next to the bed in your room.

    Exactly. Hydrocodone (Vicodin) abuse is really common on college campuses, and I'm guessing that's the painkiller you were prescribed...that's the usual one prescribed following tooth extractions.

    In the long run, you probably did this person a favor by calling the cops on him. He may be lucky enough to get treatment before it ruins his life completely.
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    Would tacoserveryyum really be held responsible if he were not present, somebody stole his pills, then went out and got into a car accident and killed someone?
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    If he didn't report it, it's hard to say what would happen if something like that happened. It would be hard to prove he didn't agree to the transaction if he said nothing and kept the money.
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    You definitely did the right thing.
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