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    Hello everyone.

    My name is Evan, and I am basically starting my journey down the road of physics. I simply have an Associates degree, and while others may look at this as a long road ahead and "ye of little knowledge" I prefer to see it as a good start and open to ALL interpretations, views, and ideas.

    I am not your average student due to my age, I just turned 30, but that will not stand in my way. I have spent the last 10 years working in offshore oil industry and have experienced and learned quite a bit, which I would not trade for anything. Unfortunately, once you start working offshore and get some experience it is extremely difficult to leave, due to the high pay, but I have been setting myself up for years to make the transition back to school and the time has come.

    I have always had a tremendous respect for the field of physics, and enjoy learning and thinking about the different things that I learn(within my range of understanding of course! )

    My plan is to earn an undergrad in Mathematics, and Physics, before moving on to graduate work in physics. The reason for this is because I can earn my Math degree while still working offshore and once I am about a semester out from completing I can transition into a second-bachelors program to earn my Physics undergrad.

    The areas that interest me are energy, gravity, and electromagnetism. However, I do not let this hinder my learning because the realm of physics as a whole fascinates me, and who knows.. I might find something else to peak my interest along my journey. I am also open to both experimental and theoretical academic/career choices.. after all I have some years before that decision needs to be made. So in the mean time I want to learn as much as I can, through both experimental research, as well as thought problems.

    Feel free to give me any advice, criticism, kudos, or anything else you feel would be worth communicating to me!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thank you Greg.
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