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Hey, it seems that the major i chose in college is leaning towards that. and i need to start doing research this junior year, and my goal is to get published before the start of the senior year. There are several professors that use computer models for various biological things. For example the courses im required to take right now are:
math methods in biology(course relies on ode's, its about the stability of various ode's but it's an easier version of the dynamics&chaos course, it's not very mathematical, but we use some computer language to write various programs and a paper/project at the end)
probability(analysis based)
dynamics and chaos

would i have a better chance at being published if i tried to do research with one of the professors doing that theoretical stuff(i would possibly be writing computer programs)? or it's better for me to just try traditional biology lab research, i.e. where i would inject some chemicals in a rat and see if something happens to it?

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