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Theoretical(Logic-based) Learning

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    I feel math is sorta like calculator, instead of us humans, we should let calculators deal with the complexity while in simplicity, we know completely whats going on. Therefore, as mathematics are used as proof, I in no way claim we should not have an understanding of it, but to learn a concept, we should be able to grasp it by our practical understanding.

    As a knowledge hungry person, I know that I would need to take a degree in Physics, but to understand biology, economics, chemistry, and other courses...I do not have enough time to take degrees in every single major. As a solution, is it possible to learn the purity of knowledge without having to go through the garbage of history, translation of big words, and so on?

    If so, do you guys know any good books that are based on this concept?(I would also be interesting in learning history, but not from a cultural standpoint)

    Also, I do not understand a few things about relativity.
    1. How is light unrelevant to other speeds?
    2. If it is, then since time is created through the differences in velocities, wouldn't that make light unrelevant to time?(time travel possibilities if we can learn to convert matter(living beings) into energy(consciousness), then back to matter...ghosts...etc.) And if it is unrelevant, then what is the meaning of using light as a unit of distance?(why does it take light time to travel)
    3. I'll take things step by step so lets leave QM out for now.

    Any help is Greatly Appreciated.
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    So... you want to learn diverse, complex fields without actually having to learn them?

    Your questions are unfortunately nonsense. Time is not created by velocity. Time travel has nothing to do with converting anything into energy, nor does it have anything to do with consciousness. And.. ghosts?

    - Warren
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    Perhaps I am highly stupid. I apologize for mentioning ghosts.(I meant since mass cannot be accelerated to the speed of light, we would convert mass into energy, then back to mass) I want to learn everything in the world without having to learn different languages(latin for biology for instance) and doing repetetive exercise to become efficient as a machine in problem-solving. What I aim for is not practical perfection, but theoretical understanding. Is this not doable?

    I wish to become part of the process of human evolution. My personal belief lies that understanding of one thing in a manner of philosophy is applicable elsewhere. Therefore, although, ghost, reincarnation, etc. havn't been proven yet, and I understand the forum guidelines, I, in my personal life, hope to learn all there is to learn. For me to advance my knowledge in physics for instance, learning psychology may help. This is my perspective.
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    Good luck, if you discover a way of learning without going through the process of learning, let us know.
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