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Theoretical Mono Poles, String Theory

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    Hi all,

    Would like to start off by letting you all know i am new to the PF and the reason for joining is due to constant idea's and thoughts flooding my brain to no end, i do not have any physics degree's but i do share an intense interest in Physics.

    According to a friend of mine the only way to prove string theory is to have a mono pole, i am unsure if he is correct as i have not researched too far into string theory, althought i believe a theoretical mono pole can be created using bipole's.

    I do agree and acknowledge that regardless of how many times you split a bipole it will remain a bipole.

    To create a theoretical mono pole i believe if you clamp multiple bipoles in a spherical array with all North or south pointing to the centre with magnetic fields overlapping for the surrounding magnets adjacent to each other.

    The end result would be a positive or negative ball depending on the orientation, theoretically a mono pole, I am unsure if String theory requires a physical mono pole or just something that has the desired effect of a mono pole.

    Any thoughts or information would be apreciated, i am most likely completely incorrect in majority of what i have wrote in this post as stated before i dont have any degree's in physics.


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