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Theoretical Or Engineering Project

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    I'm a student of Computer Science And Engineering. Currently at the 4th year, 10th semester. During the last years I've been giving emphasize on CS topics, not Engineering. I planned to do a research on 'Degree Constraint Minimum Spanning Tree'. But recently at my school my assigned adviser proposed me to do a project that is from hardware side. It is an expansion of his published paper on 'Electronic Spring'. I've to develop an interface to control the circuit and logic from a computer.

    I've been working on DCMST from past few months, without any significant progress. Except that I re-discovered mmm.... kruskal's algo. Not same, but the idea was same. My plan is to publish a good paper so that I can use it as reference of my research experience and get a scholarship from a good uni.

    I think i'm weak on electronics. But, i'm confident that I can cope up with anything since I'm a quick learner.

    It will be good to mention that my ultimate goal at this moment is to publish a very good paper.

    Anybody can advise me what should i do?
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