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Theoretical physicist

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    Theoretical physicist....

    I'm an A-level student.....i want to be a theoretical physicist.....what am i supposed to do right now.....can anyone guide me.....i know i should have been a bit specific while asking this....but i want to have a general guidence for it...!.....thanks for any kind of help......
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    Re: Theoretical physicist....

    Um, surely you know that the first step would be to study theoretical physics at university?
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    Re: Theoretical physicist....

    What level of education do you have? What sort of math do you know? Are you in University? What level of physics have you studied so far?
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    Re: Theoretical physicist....

    take your a levels seriously: do well in maths and physics.
    apply for a theoretical/mathematical physics degree.
    get in, study hard there and see if youve got what it takes.
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    Re: Theoretical physicist....

    The OP says he is in A-Level.
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    Re: Theoretical physicist....

    I had no idea what A-level meant at the time of my post (I'm from Canada, no such thing here). I thought it just means he thinks he's smart on an independent-teaching level. Google has proved me wrong.
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    Re: Theoretical physicist....

    OP really doesnt provide enough information. A-level could refer to either the introductory level (Coursename I and Coursename A is used interchangeably in some countries) or advanced level (as in post-undergrad level), and I would guess that it has more uses than that.
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