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Theoretical Physics: Field for Geniuses? Waste of Genius Mind-Power?

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    I know alot of undergrads that are enamored with Theoretical Physics and things like String Theory. I suppose it is only natural for thinking individuals to be curious about the fundamental lack of understanding we have about the universe and existence, and Theoretical Physics would be the defacto field in alot of people's minds for unlocking these mysteries.

    I was just curious, is this a field for geniuses? By this I mean, I have read a little of this in posts, that most advancements are only made by a select few maybe top 1% or less of individuals. Would the average sucessful career be teaching at a University, but for the non-prodigy not really doing alot of original work?

    Also, I get the impression that the volume of research and discovery potential, for lack of better term, is less than in other physics or fields like technology, biotechnology and chemistry related fields. To the outsider it seems like an interesting field but a lack of potential for gratification through disovery and progress being in era where the technology doesn't allow even testability for alot of the concepts let alone application; and that at least currently perhaps genius minds would be better at work on areas of physics that can lead to more practical application or other research fields with more breakthrough potential...Because it surely does not seem like we are going to be bending the time space continuum anytime soon, if ever.
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    very helpful, thanks
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