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Programs Theoretical Physics PhD

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    If I did a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics, would I be able to apply to this job?

    https://ert.cern.ch/browse_www/wd_pds?p_web_site_id=1&p_web_page_id=9147&p_no_apply=&p_show=N [Broken]

    It is looking for an Experimental Physicist but I would be theoretical but I would have the required degree.
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    Would you also have the required experience? I think this matters more than the actual degree.
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    Yes, I have the experience but it is in a theoretical research role.
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    The only way to find out is to apply. What do you have to lose by applying?
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    "THE" experience that the position is seeking for was stated explicitly:

    I can see how you would have experience in data analysis, but are you sure you are competent in design and OPERATION of detectors, and handling of detector hardware? It appears that from the entire description of this job, this is a hands-on position where you are expected to be able to design hardware and also be able to know about the physics of these detectors. From what I have seen others in such a position, it involves a lot of physics labor, including hardware assembling and testing.

    Do you think you are capable of that work?

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    From that statement you need more than just your PhD, you also need experience as a post-doc in the particle-physics field.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Yes, you can apply.

    Other people who will be applying will have years of experimental experience, and will have written papers on experimental topics. You will have to convince the committee to hire you over all of them.
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    That's assuming that they haven't already decided who to hire, and the job ad is just a pro-forma post to get around a bureaucratic posting requirement. It's very common in these sorts of things to post the job after the committee has made a decision as to who to hire.
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    Not at CERN.
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