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Theoretical Physics

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    Hello Everyone, I have an Under Graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and currently I am a Software Engineer. I want to study Theoretical Physics from scratch by "Self-Study". What do I need to do in order to do so ? From where I should start ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome! First stop is to head over to the Physics areas here and browse around :)
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    You can do what I am doing with math self-study. Pick a university, go to its website, look up course guidelines for physics majors. They will list the necessary textbooks for each course. Buy the textbooks from amazon.com. Start with the 100's, then go to the 200's, etc. I found that the University of Michigan has a user-friendly website for this sort of thing. For math I start with calculus, go to linear algebra, etc...I guess you could do something similar with physics.
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    Thank You David Carroll, I found your suggestion very helpful. This is the approach I have not thought about. So, its something that can also be followed. :)
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    Heartiest thanks to Greg Bernhardt also.
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    You're highly welcome, Anirudh Sharma.
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