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Theoretical Rotational to Linear Kinetic Energy Ratio for a Spherical Projectile?

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    For my investigation regarding the aerodynamic forces on a spherical projectile, I really need to know the theoretical ratio of rotational kinetic energy to linear kinetic energy of a spherical projectile (assuming the only spin is forward spin and there is no Magnus effect).

    Can someone please help me out?
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    Why would it be constrained to any particular ratio? It could be translating with no rotation, or it could be rotating with no translation, or any combination of the two. Unless you have additional information which constrains the projectile's motion in some way, this isn't really answerable.
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    I'm not really sure. Thanks for your help, this was just another attempt at finding a method to calculate theoretical values for the rate of spin and velocity of a ball launched out of a pitching machine consisting of two variably rotating wheels.
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