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Homework Help: Theoretical Value

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    how do you get the theroetical value?
    it's a accuracy and precision lab
    we basically put designated amount of water in to beakers and cylinders, graduated, and measure the mass. And we are suppose to find the theoretical accuracy of each piece of quipment and the actual % accuracy for each sample

    Equipment mass of equip amount H20 added mass equip + actual water
    10mL graduated Cylinder 5.14g 10mL 15.19g
    50mL graduated Cylinder 64.97g 10mL 74.94g
    100mL graduated Cylinder 93.65g 10mL 102.46g
    50mL Beaker 28.32g 20mL 48.41g
    100mL Beaker 50.32g 20mL 65.63g
    150mL Beaker 62.33g 20mL 75.13g
    250mL Beaker 108.76g 20mL 124.25g
    400mL Beaker L 163.76g 20mL 183.80g

    if you can just show me how than i will do the rest
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    You can calculate the expected mass of water from the volume if you know the density of water (you should be able to look this up. Note that the value depends on the temperature of the water).
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