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Theoric question speed of light

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    if we look on a star that it something like 10 light years from us with a telescope we see the star like he look before 10 years because the time the light take to come to us, so my question is what happen if we go to this star in the light speed or more, we will see all the 10 years in high speed?
    For example a star who creat before 10 years, we will see all the 10 year in fast speed?
    im new in the physic area and i have many theoric question like that
    and sorry for my english, this not my major lang ☺
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    Since it is impossible to travel at or above the speed of light, let's rephrase your question to use "just under the speed of light". Since it takes light 10 years to get here, then looked at classically it would then take you 10+ years to get to the distant star and during that time it would of course age another 10 years. SO ... you would see 20 years of aging in your 10 years of travel.

    BUT ... that fails to take into account relativistic effects. If you were able to magically travel at .99c (and at the current level of our technology that would be magic indeed), the trip would actually only take you about 1.4 years. So you would see about 11.4 years of aging in 1.4 years and yes, that is a "fast-forward" on how the aging of the star would look to you.
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    Nice, of course i know its inpossible, but i only went to know if my brain understand it
    thank you for your help
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    wow the video look good, but unlucky the 2 link doesnt work,this start to download by in the end this stop
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    Works for me. Might be an issue with your internet connection.
    Here, I've re-uploaded it to a different address(the windows 2012 version):
    If it doesn't work either, try again later.
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    i try with my pc and its work, thx man its really nice
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