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Theortical Physics

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    I am currently an undergrad studying physcics and was wondering what are some of the college that offer theortical physics
    thank you
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    The only Universities that provide Theoretical/Mathematical Physics programs are in Europe. A symmetric program in North American Universities would be an Honours Mathematics and Physics program.
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    Theoretical physics is a way of approaching a field, not a field itself. You need to narrow it down to a field (astrophysics, particle physics, optics, nuclear physics, etc) and then you can look for programs that concentrate on the theory (I'm assuming you mean for grad school, since those aren't majors in the US for the most part).
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    hye..how to solve.a 1000kg car is traverlling at 72kmh-1 when the brakes are applied it comes to a stop in a distance of 40m..what is the average brakig force of the car???
    i try v2=u2+2as but cant???help plz..
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