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Theory and experiment relationship. your thought?

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    theory and experiment relationship. your thought??

    just general question about engineer. what do you think of the relationship between theory and experiment? what is a good experiment or bad experiment? is there something that important to you? can you share your thought when you were in college?
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    Re: theory and experiment relationship. your thought??

    Eh, slightly on topic, after I got my BS in Physics, I started an electrical engineering program. I had just found out my girlfriend was pregnant, so in a small panic, I veered my education towards money over interest. Bad mistake. The engineering faculty had no interest in the kinds of questions I asked and I realized eventually that it was the severe lack of theory and intellectual wankery (that I so love) that was missing.

    Long story short, I switched back to the sciences.

    I should note that I didn't even really like experiments in physics, but it was a hoop I was more than willing to jump through. I guess for me, the relationship between theory and experiment is that I'll do the theory, you give me data from your experiments... and that's worked out great for me so far: collaboration. But obviously, I'm no engineer.
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