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Theory development. Please test.

  1. Aug 15, 2004 #1
    - On a pentagon. Two linear points are:
    (A) Equal, and opposite reaction.
    (B) Planks constant.

    - The pentagon is on a plane. A plane can be defined by three points.

    - The three points can conserve energy.Three lines.

    - (Action = Reaction = 1 Line) + (Geometry = 3 planar, non-colinear, points) = 3 Points conserve energy, A Triangle.

    - TheTriangle contains Action.

    - The Triangles Action (Line) = Reaction (Line) < 2 Reaction(2 Lines)

    - Where is the fourth line ?
    The Plane = the Plane. So a point outside the triangle isn't correct.
    The point for the fourth line must be within the triangle, Equaling Action.

    - When we count a Triangle, we don't count the Triangle Action point.
    TheTriangle contains action(Line). Less than 2 Reactions(2 Lines)
    2 Reactions(2 Lines), equal and opposite the Triangle Action.
    A Pentagon, with a center point that causes Action.

    - Create the absence of Planks constant (Action = Line).
    The equal and opposite reaction will be 5 reactions(Lines)
    (A) Equal and opposite to the absence of plank's constant, A Line.
    (B) Equall and opposite to the action made, A line.

    - Using division.
    A cup can be acted upon to cause 5 linear reactions, filling the cup. .
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    This is "organic" or "lama" , etc. right?

    Anway, you apparently dont know what a "definition" is.
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    I don't Know lama.

    I don't knoe organic.

    I don't know Euclid.

    What are you saying. About definitions. Please point out your logic here. Where's the flaw. :uhh:
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    You don't know who Euclid is and you're making a proposition on geometry?
    Not to mention that's his signature.
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    It seems obvious to me that two linear points on a pentagon are Planks constant, you'd have to be a fool not to see it.
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    It looks like a pigeon to me...
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    A real breakthrough!
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    Action = Reaction. Energy is conserved. Action in a line conserves energy.

    What ! You's don know my text from what I says to you's ? You's think is true ? My text. Or you's think is false. My text.

    Ranting aside.

    What don't you understand in my initial post in this thread.
  10. Aug 17, 2004 #9
    There be the sense to percieve my jibber...jabber...in my initial post in this here thread ye be seein now. Aye. :yuck:
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