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Theory discussion?

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    Does anyone know a physics forum where theory discussion is allowed? My first post was deleted by a mod for trying to discuss ideas.
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    You're just looking for trouble now, aren't you??
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    It was deleted not because you wanted to do a "theory discussion", but rather you wanted to do a speculative theory discussion. There's a difference.

    Please re-read the PF Rules. In particular, this part:

    This applies throughout this forum.

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    Yes I understood the first time you said it. That's why it hasn't happened again.
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    No. I'm looking for a discussion of a specific topic.
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    A discussion about what? About which forums do allow speculative posts? Well, do a quick google search for physics forums and see what pops up!! There are a lot of physics forums around! (none of them is as good as PF though :tongue2: )

    Maybe try http://www.sciforums.com/
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    I'm not permitted to say here. If someone can suggest a good forum in which to talk about it, I'd be happy to explain.
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    Thank you very much sir. Yes I'm already there now having a look, as I should have pointed out. I came across PhysForum and am checking there as well. I apologize for any trouble caused by me posting certain types of ideas.
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    Ugh. Both sciforums and physforum are pond scum.
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    Chi Meson

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    You mean "theory" . The quotes are necessary, because actual, repeatable, confirmable data are necessary in order to have a theory. OP has a speculation.
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    Don't be so dramatic. You're not allowed to speculate. You can say "I speculated about [..]" because that sentence in itself is not speculation.
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    Stay here, I'm sure you'll like it better. Just be sure to look over your posts and ensure thet follow all of the forum guidelines. Without those rules, this forum would be a mess of speculations, and stuff of the sort.

    If you really need to speculate, then do so, but keep it to yourself, and consider it wrong, as you do not have a proper mathematical understanding of the subject (I'm assuming). I'm not trying to be unfriendly, I'm trying to tell the truth.
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    There really is no need to go elsewhere, what you can do here at PF is far better than any website where people discuss speculation. Simply ask questions rather than propose answers. E.g

    Instead of...
    ...one should say
    Then you and everyone else who is eager to learn can find out! Remember any idea you come up with probably touches on subjects that have already been thoroughly investigated.
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    Excellent response Ryna!! And a perfect place to end.
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