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Theory of Cyclical Universe

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    Who first proposed a cyclical universe -- Big Bang / Big Crunch / Big Bang / etc. ?

    Do any current models account for remnant material outside the Big Crunch as a possible explanation for the non-uniform distribution of matter following the Big Bang?

    In other words, is it possible that a previous Big Crunch didn't crunch everything in that universe?

    Thank you for commenting.
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    While I don't know if he was the first, I did read that Einstein flirted with the idea of an oscillating universe in the 1930's. As for the second part of your question, if I understand you correctly, it is possible that a previous "big crunch" didn't crunch everything. In such a case the gravitational force crushes everything together, but before reaching a singularity vacuum energy causes a "pressure" so great that it prevents total collapse and the universe "bounces".
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