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Theory of Damping?

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    Is there a general equation of damping? I know that there is a second ODE for damping with regards to springs, and with RLC circuits, but is there a general form of damping equations (with critical-damp, overdamp, and under-damp). I know how to solve second ODEs, but I was wondering if there was a general equation, because all I could find are equations that relate specifically to springs or RLC Circuits
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    Try google for multi degree of freedom (MDOF) systems analysed using normal modes.

    A general equation in that form is ##\ddot x + 2\beta\omega\dot x + \omega^2 x = f## where ##\beta## is < 1, = 1 or > 1 for under damping, critical, or over damping and ##\omega## is the undamped oscillation frequency.
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    it's the same as with RLC or the mechanical spring, mass, and dashpot models.

    just a simple 2nd order differential eq.
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