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Theory of Dormancy

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    Here is an example of a self-invented GUT (may be entirely wrong, you may correct it). If all 4 forces- gravitational, weak nuclear, electromagnetic, strong nuclear are to be unified, all of them must emerge from the same quanta or gauge boson which mediates all of them. Hence, what if we try to see whether the gauge bosons are themselves changeable into each other? So, a gluon, photon, W+, W-, Z must all change interchange into each other. Consider a gluon. It has R, B, G the 3 colors. (r, b, g are amounts of colors R, B, G respectively) I assume r= -b where r & b are the 2 magnitudes of red & blue color charge. Therefore, g= -(r+b). When a gluon changes into any particle of the electroweak matrix, the g forms 1 magnetic monopole; North if g= +1 & South if g= -1. Also the r & b form equal electric charge. Relative strength of electromagnetism to strong nuclear force is 1:137. So, consider these gluons-
    R B G R B G
    1 -1 0 -1 1 0
    These are converted to- (all numbers henceforth are the amount charges produced if all colors were changed into electromagnetic charges)
    137-(-137)+0=274 (b is negative)
    Or -137-137+0=-274
    This is for the 274-type gluon.
    Now, consider these-
    RBG R B G R B G R B G
    01-1 0-11 1 0 -1 -1 0 1
    We don’t consider g because of the 2 monopoles produced by different sets of gluons instantly cancel each other out. Converting b, r into electromagnetism, we get-
    1. 0+(-137)-0=-137
    2. 0-(-137)+0=137
    3. 137+0-0=137
    4. -137+0+0=-137
    Thus we get the conversion of 137-type gluons. Now take a 137-type gluon & a 274-type gluon of the opposite sign. For ex-
    -137 & +274
    It gets converted to W+(80 e.v.), W-(80 e.v.), Z(90 e.v.), photons and a +137-type gluon. -137= -80-45-11 (a W- particle & negative half of a Z particle are formed)
    +274= 80+45+11+137 (a W+ particle, positive half of a Z particle & a +137-type gluon are formed). The +11 & -11 cancel each other out to form photons. Thus a whole electroweak matrix and a 137-type gluon can be created by these gluons. 274-type gluons are created by motion of a quark. Since, all gauge bosons can interchange into each other, they can mediate all forces. Any corrections on this GUT? (I won’t mind being told its horrible)
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    Personal Theories are not welcome on this forum. If you think you have something new, try to get it accepted by a peer reviewed journal.

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    Magnetic monopole? That's a good effort!
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    this concept is used in QFT and was first implemented by Dirac. Now, magnetic monopoles are looked at as those points in space where the local gauge breaks down or is not respected due to local singularities of the physical quantities at those points

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