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Theory of Everything and M-Theory

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    I have talked to a few Physicists on where the theory of everything and M-theory would lie in the physics world but most of them say that both theories are now being overlapping in the area of Astrophysics and Particle Physics. So if you do become a Astrophysicist or a Particle Physicist you can still work on both theories, right? Especially cosmologists because they are finding that particle physics can explain the origin of the universe as well (with the theory of everything).
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    But there is NO "theory of everything". So how does someone know that it can explain the origin of the universe (which in itself is a dubious task)?

    Here's something that I will tell you that will make you go "HUH?", but you'll see the connection later. When I was about to buy into the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), I looked at the offer, and then all the bonus discounts at various places and events that came with it. The salesperson explained all of the perks and benefits of being a DVC member, and then he did something I liked the most. He said that if I'm going to buy into this, just focus on the deal that I'm buying and NOT on all the perks and bonuses, because those perks and bonuses are not guaranteed and can be taken away. I should buy it because what I am buying is exactly what I want, and judge it simply on that merit and nothing else, especially not on the perks and bonuses.

    And that is what I will tell you. If you wish to go into particle physics or astrophysics, do it because those are the areas that you wish to study in, and NOT on the possible bonus connection with M-theory (and certainly NOT with the illusion of a TOE). You will seldom survive in any area of physics if you go into it for the wrong reason, because it can get very frustrating and disheartening very quickly. Most of us survived this because there's just nothing else we would rather do.

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