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Theory of everything

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    Attention lovers of Theory of Everything,

    Theory of Everthying in fact is the Theory of Two Big Bangs or vice versa

    I was shocked to read a news item relating to Stepehn Hawking last week wherein he gave up his mind to make further research in the theory of everything. Stephen Hawking is a great personality in the field of Cosmology and Physics, in fact, I had taken an inspiration from him before writing my book "Two Big Bang Created the Universe". Hawking had made an open appeal in his book "A Brief History of Time", in 1988 which carried more or less the following wordsings:

    " However, if we discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question why it is that we and the Universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason---for then we would know the mind of God."

    Stephen Hawking is my ideal in cosmology. I started my theory from his name and ended on his name. Though it took me over a decade, I sincerely tried to fulfil his ambition which he carried within heart of his heart. Though I differed from him on most of his points principly, his greatness remained as bright and broad as ever, he acknowledged every bit of the Theory of Two Big Bangs as reconstitution of the big bang theory and did not say even a single word to me , this is his real geniusness with a great heart that throbs within him for the people to know more and more knowledge with free and broad and impartial mind. His presence and long life is important to the world of science. I have read that he is hospitalized, I pray for his speedy recovery. The other great thing that I observed from him is that in spite of his denying the existence of God, he talked of God in his book 'A Brief History of Time ' several times and ultimately appealed to show him the path where God is what's His mind
    Hawking tried to touch each and every aspect of cosmology in his book' A Brief History of Time', in fact, there is a clear reflection of the theory of everything in that book. Still he longed to know more about this theory.

    As appealed by him, I made a humble attempt in my book "Two Big Bangs Created the Universe: (Formed in Eternal Space) and it covers the entire theory of every thing that he wanted and wished for.

    In the circumstances, to say that he has given up the idea to promote or further investigate the theory of everything has no meaning now when his wish has already been filled and he knows that the theory of two big bangs is the theory of everything, which I also humbly but firmly affirm and I am sure that the scientists may also find it themselves by reading the 'Two Big Bangs created the Universe" (Formed in Eternal Space) by Dr. Raj Baldev that it has covered the theory of everything with 349 references and its main base is no body else but the genuisness of Hawking himself from which I took the thread and could contribute the theory of everthing.

    I hope my other scientist collegues may join me to re-recognize the genius of Stephen Hawking on whose inspiration I could successfully give the theory of everthing to the world. I would also like to acknowledge all those whose sources I used in my book and their contributions carry equal weight to make the theory of everthing a grand success,and the only job left is to apprise all the lovers of the theory of everything that it has already been accomplished and those who wish to read this theory may log on www.twobigbangs.com[/URL]

    Dr. Raj Baldev,
    A contributor to the theory of everything.

    Dr. Raj Baldev
    e mail [email]drrajbaldev@yahoo.co.in[/email]
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