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Theory of Everything

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    any opinions on this? i dont think there will be a theory of everything, theres so much in physics that still needs to be discovered. Newton's Laws of motion and gravity, Einstein's theory of relativity, these are backbone scientific discoveries, we cant just disrgard them as false cause they work. i've seen websites, which say they've finally got proof to explain the universe, but how though? theres loads of aspects, gravity, time etc. sorry if i sound rough, but im expressing my opinion.
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    Fair enough, I will show my opinion.

    If you assume there is a unique creator of the universe
    If we know everything there is to know about science, we would know as much as God, and hence be God, which is completely impossible, therefore no we will never learn everything.

    For all the Atheist-minded thinkers...
    Human prgoress would continue...and eventually the human race would someday understand everything, but not any time soon. Throughout the ages fools have stated that "we know everything there is to know about science", someone had the nerve to tell that to Einstein prior to his discovery of relativity!!!

    But no matter what your frame of thought, humans are no where near knowing everything, and quite frankly, in my opinion it will never happen.
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    Actually, this is not true. Newton's Laws of Motion and Gravity do NOT work. If they did, then Relativity would have to be wrong. You can't have them both.
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    We always think we're so close, but we'll never really know will we? ... the universe won't tell us if we're wrong unless we look very closely...

    A frog jumping half the distance to something, then half of half, then half of that... comes to mind.. so close yet so infinitely far.
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    limit to infity comes to my mind Alk
    or like half-lives of an elelment,
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    gokul, why dont they work?
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    Newton's laws of motion and gravity are only approximately correct.

    According to Newton's laws of motion, an object experiencing a continuous constant force will accelerate uniformly, and it's velocity will increase indefinitely. This is wrong. The special Theory of Relativity requires that no object can be accelerated past the speed of light. However, for the speeds that we are used to, Newton's Laws work pretty darn well.

    For other such reasons (gravitational field of an object is affected by the motion of the object) General Relativity says that Newton's version of gravity is reasonably accurate, but can't help you to calculate the curving of light reflected off Mercury by the Sun, and such forth.
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