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Theory of Ideal Prime Factors

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    I"m working on my math history class project. I choose a topic to discuss about Theory of Ideal Prime Factors by Ernst Eduard Kummer. (1847). I read the material few times, but I don't get an understand of the basic idea how he can come up this theory. Can someone explain it in a simply way of the theory? :smile:
    (I can post if need furter information about the materials, from the book "Classics of Mathematics". by Ronald Calinger)
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    What math background do you have ? Have you done a course in number theory ? Also, have you covered groups, rings and ideals ?
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    Thanks for reply. I don't think I took any of them. My math background is Cal 1-4, Discrete math, Matirx, differental equation, and a 300 lvl probaility, statistics course. Is it require the in deep number theory understanding in order to understand it or just basic?
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    That, I think, can be approached just as easily through the study of Abstract Algebra. For example, "An Introduction to Algebraic Structures," Dover paperback by Joseph Landin has a section on that: p180, "Principal Ideal and Unique Factorization Domains."
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