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Theory of living in a giant bubble

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    someone told me to post this so i could get more of an intelectual veiw on it. i was talking to someone i work with about our veiws on the universe and possible natures of it. i came up with a theory of us living in a giant bubble. the universe is a bubble and and though it seems giant and endless it isnt. now this bubble is actually floating around in the bathtub or sink of some other giant world exactly like our own. for every certain amount of time that passes here, the smallest fraction of that time passes there. so we live life just wating to pop, and that pop will decide the end of the universe. i know its stupid but its just our deep talk stuff....
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    Well, if our Universe were entirely composed of air and water, this would be tenable. As it is, some string theorists (more specifically, the "brane" theorists) are indeed postulating that our Universe may be a three-dimensional "bubble" in four-dimensional space. Have you looked into string theory at all, spikebrdr?
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    no i havent, what is it?
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