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Theory Of No Choices

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    Theory Of No Choices....

    Ok I was just wondering....

    If a person is standing at a point from where a road diverges into two roads....he choses on eof those paths and starts moving......halfway he stands again and now he again ha stwo choices...right or left ...(...to go bak...or to go on,,,) ...he choses to go right..which was the pathhe came from...he kwpps going on and finds now he has two choices (on reaching the divergence point..) ...to go straight or two move right.....he moves right.....he keeps going on but the road goes upto infinity...never ends...so he thinks there's no use travelling thew path he chose ...so he returns...and again finds two choices....no...three choices...one more to go up.....from where he initially came on this earth...

    So if we assume......time didnot matter to him....
    ...we know his displacement will always be zero....because human nature is to return back when he finds nothing in his way upto infinity....

    Here I presented the human nature...the way he has to always return to the original path wherever he may go..... THEORY OF NO CHOICES
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    let P stand for "paradoxical statement"

    P & not-P then P


    P or not-P is true.

    Of course one may realize that the term "stupid question" is a
    misnomer. There is no such thing as a stupid queston?

    For example, "This sentence is stupid"...




    Existence is a choice, Reality ..."chooses" to exist. Invariance
    under change. Symmetry forms the basis of truth.
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    Does this really belong in physics theory development?

    But aren't you assuming a lot here? I touched a hot plate once when I was small. I didn't mean to and it was only for a fraction of a second, but I can tell you I've never done it again.

    PS: The spell check is great! It ignores quoted material!
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