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Homework Help: Theory of relativity and time

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    I need further explanation on the following so I can understand it more completely. I know that the theory of relativity /space and time are connected with the invention of the syncoronized clock and time zone division, and that Einstein originally used train travel to explain his theory (I am assuming this is correct - please tell me if I am wrong). My confusion is trying to explain the hour difference between two cities in relationship to this concept. Can anyone help get me further down my path? (or am I thinking too much? )
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    Time zones have nothing to do with general relativity. They are simply ways of standardizing time so that trade and travel would... make sense.
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    and the most accurate way of timing the two events lets say a person observing and the person in the event (like in the rocket) is the cesium clock.
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    You are thinking too much. Two cities on the surface of the earth are not in relative motion (ignoring curvature and rotation of the earth). So they are in the same inertial frame of reference. Time dilation only occurs between two different inertial reference frames. The difference in measured (solar) time relates to the angle of a line from the centre of the sun to the city to a line between the centre of the earth and the centre of the sun.

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