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Theory of Relativity, Gravity

  1. Nov 29, 2015 #1
    It may be a silly question because I'm not sure if I really understand the result of this theory, but does it say that gravity is the force of the space pushing us to earth? If it is so I have a question that I'll edit here! thank you
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    No, general relativity does not say that.
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    It says that the "push to Earth" is just following a straight-line path in space-time. There is no "push" needed, since objects will naturally follow a straight-line path.
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    @CollinsArg, just to expand slightly on what FactChecker said, Newtonian theory says that gravity is a force that is the result of the natural attraction of two bodies. GR on the other hand says that what we call "gravity" is not a force, it is just the natural result of objects following space-time geodesics created by mass. In GR, your body is following a natural geodesic towards the center of the Earth but the surface of the Earth stops you from following that path.
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