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Theory of tides information

  1. Apr 27, 2013 #1
    Where can I get more information on the theory of tides?


    I would like to see more of the derivation and explanation of the tidal forcing section in the link above.

    I have read the section Taylor's Classical Mechanics on Tidal Force as well.

    I can't find many journal articles on tidal forces either.
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    There's 24 references and about 15 external links at the bottom of the wiki article. They may not answer all your questions but they are a good start. Remember, even one of the references listed in the wiki article may have a dozen or more references to check as well.
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    Those references don't cover the perpestive I am looking for. I want information that has to do with the moon relation that is substantial. The ones that do cover that are too remedial or have equations and symbols with no explanation to what they are.
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