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Theory of unification

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    A while ago I was watching this video on queantom physics and this dude was talking about the Theory of unification that explains everything from magetic, gravety of large aboject and gravety of very small and dence objects like black holes and I think some other things. So has anybody found this Theory or have they come close? Or are we still years away from finding it.
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    There are some theories which try to unite all the basic theories of physics. The two most prominent are string theory and loop quantum gravity. Neither has been developed to the point where physicists can make definite statements as to the validity of either one.
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    Meir Achuz

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    They are still decades away from finding if there is any validity to strings or loops or even branes (not mispelled).
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    okay, first, it's spelled Q-U-A-N-T-U-M, not Queantom. secondly, my own oppinion of science is this, "Science is not a complete thing, and most likely never will be, therefore we must assume that we know barely anything to the universe or its true functions. if it were a complete thing, then we'd be able to create the universe ourselves, and that hasn't and most likely never will happen. so we then must assume that anything from this point on is possible, and that means anything. even the dumbest of ideas that sound so wack that a crack dealer would even shun then should be seriously looked at at a possiblity, not an impossibility."

    So, then what is truly a theory of unification?
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    This has got to be one of the silliest thing I've ever heard.

    First of all, what makes you think you have all the necessary information about science, and how it is practiced, to be able to make that kind of a statement? You haven't a clue what "quantum physics" is, much less how science is done.

    Secondly, you seem to have a complete mental lapse of the FACT that every idea MUST have a lot of experimental verification for it to be accepted as being valid. So no, not every stupid idea that comes out every "crack dealer" should be seriously looked at. We already know what works and what don't! If you don't believe that, then stop using your computer and other electronics, because by using those, you have explicitly accepted that concept.

    I strongly suggest you refrain from making these kinds of ignorant statements from now on. You may have been able to get away with it in other forums that you belong to, but not here. There are not only students in the various area of studies on here, but there are also professionals in these fields that don't just sit and read internet websites about their fields, but also work in them! Not only will silly statements like what you have made not be tolerated, they will also not go unchallenged.

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