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Theory on why no T.O.E. can be made.

  1. Mar 21, 2004 #1
    - Postulate.
    180 chips per bag - 179 chips

    My T.o.E. is the bag of chips.

    My current ability is to describe the bag of chips with only one chip.

    - Theorem.
    Now my education is the sum of education. I know everything. Then you subtract the stuff I don't know. 1.) Phd math, science, english, biology, etc...
    2.) Cosmology. 3.) Proteomics.

    I have a lot of chips missing !

    So I create a T.o.E. based on my use of 1 crumb of 1 chip. Is it correct, or functional ? Certainly not. Why ? A description of a bag of chips is not equal to one crumb of one chip.
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    We all have our little crumbs though.
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