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There Finally Making a Movie

  1. Apr 4, 2006 #1
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  3. Apr 4, 2006 #2


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    Well duh. Old news...:biggrin:
  4. Apr 4, 2006 #3
    they are = they're, not there
  5. Apr 4, 2006 #4
    This is old news. It was official almost a year ago.
  6. Apr 4, 2006 #5
    Where are they you say? They are not there? Then where?
  7. Apr 4, 2006 #6


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    I think they live over here
  8. Apr 4, 2006 #7
    Get a compass. You're disoriented from changing your name.
  9. Apr 4, 2006 #8


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    Yeah, and it isn't going to be out for more than a year. WTH? The last Parker/Stone movie was made over a long weekend and released by lunchtime Wednesday!
  10. Apr 4, 2006 #9


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    Is James L. Brooks going to produce it? (Yeah, I know I could just look this up, but I'm not going to.)
  11. Apr 4, 2006 #10
    Lazy bastard.
    You should have IMDB in your favourites menu!
  12. Apr 4, 2006 #11


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    IMDb has no info on it anyway
  13. Apr 5, 2006 #12
    :eek: :eek:
  14. Apr 5, 2006 #13

    Then it doesn't exist, clearly.
  15. Apr 5, 2006 #14


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    IMDB has no info on lots of other thing as well...:grumpy:
  16. Apr 8, 2006 #15
    You're complaining about this when there are people on PF saying stuff like "Dude, then wat u need to solve 4 is..." :surprised

    PF must drive you, like, totally wacked out or something, like. :bugeye:

  17. Apr 16, 2006 #16
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