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There 'is' this 'person' whom I will call 'VitalityViewer'

  1. Mar 30, 2003 #1
    There 'is' this 'person' whom I will call 'VitalityViewer' who has to use 'quotes' every other 'word'. 'VitalityViewer', 'you' 'know' who 'you' 'are'. 'This' is just 'good-natured' 'joking', and 'I' hope that 'you' will 'laugh' along with the rest of 'us'.
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    Re: VitalityViewer

    Wasn't sure if you meant me, but vitality=life and viewer=gazer. So I guess you must mean me.
    You're right - I do it alot. And I've also started using colours and bold 'text' alot too, for emphasis. Hell, you gotta keep your readers' eyes on the page
    Are you the old 'Audacity Dan'?
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    Yes, it is 'I'!
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